May 30th.

Just going to post my daily thoughts at this exact moment and its gonna be messy and i won’t delete or edit whats my mind is saying as im typing this so lets see, i caught myself thinking about 2011-2012 one of the most positive times in my life. Everything was great and otherworldly my exact attractions and thoughts were all over the place today and still are. I would like to say the world is changing and i want to know EVERYTHING life has to offer about LIFE. So i ask you Life, what is life? Why do I feel the desire to know the secrets and wonders of the world? You are so intriguing life! Whats next? Whats my future? Am i a result of my future? Does my thoughts paint a path of my future? If so wheres my canvas? I might need a new paint brush, mines a little damaged as i brush further into my journey. I need a situation to happen so that i understand everything in front of me. I don’t understand the power and the kind of mentality to have to become the answer to my question. I say become the answer because I am the result of what I think, feel, act. I want it all. Theres something Greater Than Life and i want it bad. We go through hell to learn when were this young and to become the person we will become is through these learning experiences. I believe in fate, attractions, karma. It is real and its scary to have that kind of knowledge, but i ask myself is this me? Is this real life? I want to know.